Medium Room Videoconferencing System

Microsoft Teams, Zoom or BYOD From $7,399.00

Medium size room videoconferencing system, is designed to work with Microsoft Teams,  Zoom or BYOD connectivity.

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  • Videoconferencing utilizing (BYOD), Microsoft Teams or Zoom video calls.
  • HDMI and USB cable connections
  • 4K 65 ’’ Commercial display monitor.
  • Industry Leading soundbar with built-in Camera and microphone.

Add to your Medium Room Videoconferencing System, some of the most popular features. Or if you already own monitors and don’t require any video conference licensing, we can provide products to make your meetings flow more smoothly.

  • Speakers/Audio microphones for table conference.
  • Wireless video presentation over your Wi-Fi network.
  • 5-port un-managed network switch.
  • Extra Sound bar for audio reinforcement.
  • State of the art USB camera with HD Genius Framing.
  • Microsoft Teams Licence
  • Zoom License

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